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Rainy Day Layouts
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Welcome to rainydaylayouts. This is besu_chan's layout/graphics journal. Right now members ARE allowed to post, but I'm liable to change my mind as I see fit. :> Hmm, maybe I'll have some moderators one day, too.

I would really love it if you would join the community, or "watch" it, or whatever. It's all the same. Thanks!

I will take requests, if you are able to supply me with a picture and/or explain in detail what you would like your layout/graphics to look like.

I AM limited in the sense that I only have PSP6 to work with, and very few fonts at that (only the ones that came with it) because I don't know how to get downloaded fonts into the program. (if you'd like to explain that to me, it'd be greatly appreciated!)

Always remember to COMMENT and CREDIT if you are taking anything. Thanks! :>

Would you like to be an affiliate? Just comment and I'll be glad to add you if you add me!!

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Please help promote the community! (Please upload to your own server, though... bandwith!! XD)

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